Smoove Presents: R Kelly & Trey Songz – Like Father, Like Son

Like Father Disc

1. Your Body’s Callin
2. Sex Me Pt. 2
3. Go Low
4. It Seems Like Your Ready
5. Touched a Dream
6. Strip for You
7. Honey Love
8. Number One
9. Bump n Grind
10. Slow Dance
11. Half on a Baby
12. Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby…
13. Sex in the Kitchen
14. Slow Dance
15. The Greatest Sex
16. At the same Time
17. Pregnant

Like Son Disc

1. Panty Droppa
2.Love Faces
3. On Top
4. Message
5. In the Middle
6. Jupiter Love
7. I Invented Sex
8. Scratchin Me Up
9. Role Play
10. Neighbors Know Your Name
11. Made to be Together
12. We Should Be
13. Kinda Lovin
14. It Would Be
15. You Belong to Me
16. Gotta Go
17. Last Time

For a free album download, just click on the album cover above. Enjoy

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